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V2 7.0 Open

Distinctive character

The design of the V2 7.0 brings an evolution to V2Boats range. Its curved, with elegant lines, a very strong character boat and a extremely versatile boat, capable of adapting to the boat owner’s preferences and ways.

Uniquely for its length, the V2 7.0 gives the op...tion to choose from a variety of colours, further enhancing this boat’s intrinsic nature of bonding and standing out.

The V2 7.0 is an all-around boat which, thanks to its ability to quickly and easily adapt to any plan, guarantees full satisfaction on all sea trips.
The V2 7.0 provides for an up to 200 hp motor option, which is ideal for making the most of being on the water, either at sea, in reservoirs or rivers, doing all kinds of water sports, such as skiing or wakeboarding. Meanwhile, the built-in rod holder, the low gunwale, t ...he spacious storage lockers and the large bimini will make the most of your days fishing. In addition, the two bathing platforms allow you to get on board easily after a refreshing swim and are the ideal place to lie down and feel the cool of the sea-breeze.

The V2 7.0 has been designed with the highest quality standards to guarantee maximum safety. Thanks to the introduction in its interior of a volume of foam capable of counteracting its total weight, in terms of floatability, the boat is unsinkable.
Main Features
Hull length: 7.00 m
Waterline length: 6.00 m
Maximum beam: 2.49 m
Draft: 0.35 m
Dead rise angle: 20º
Maximum engine power: 200 hp
Maximum speed: 40 Knots
Hull weight: 1600 Kg
Category: C
Capacity: 8 pax
Safety: Unsinkable

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