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About v2

V2 is a new young and dynamic patent, with a radically different mindset supported by the experienced team of engineers and naval architects with more than 15 years of experience at design, construction and development of boats.

Young and innovative
V2 Boats is born in order to break existing shapes and continuity of sport boats with short length, making available a new concept of boats which are polyvalent, spacious and much more fun.
V2: A quality symbol

Our brand is a symbol of quality. A value that we could capture since the very first stages of design and engineering to the more minutiae details of finishing.
Improvement and rationalization process done by our engineers permitted to choose first level materials and components with a philosophy of democratic and affordable boats.

Supported by Precise Engineering

The naval architects team implied in our project has faced challenges of design stage using their experience with leading developing technology.
With an intensive use of hydrodynamics simulations and computer assisted structural calculations, all stages of the complete project could be validated without any place to doubt. We achieved a perfect design with an absolute precision level before constructing the first unit.